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Loose tuning pins are usually the first sign that restringing should be considered, although in some cases the tone may seriously degenerate before loose pins occur. Strings begin to lose their elasticity and best tone quality after about twenty years, although the deterioration can be so gradual that the tone is acceptable for several more years. Only when the piano is restrung is one made aware of the difference between the new and the old strings.



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Generally, a reconditioning is called for when a piano has been allowed to go for several years without regular complete piano service. There is still enough hammer left to file, and the piano is tunable. The piano is thoroughly cleaned; the action tightened, freed, and regulated; the hammers reshaped, fitted to the strings and voiced; the pedals and dampers are adjusted; and whatever else is necessary is done to restore the piano to its best playing condition. The action centers may be so worn that they need to be re-pinned or even re-bushed. If the existing parts are not too worn, and if the work is done thoroughly the piano may give several years of satisfactory service before needing major attention again.



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Action Rebuilding


Replacing old worn out hammers with new hammers can add new life to an old piano, giving it a rich and deep tone.  It is usually desirable to replace shanks and flanges at the same time the hammers are replaced.  This will insure the maximum durability and will not waste time and money later.

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As pianos age, one of the things that often needs to be replaced is piano keytops. 


Install New White keytops with fronts.  $350

Replace Sharps with Black Acrylic Plastic. $175

Rebush Keys – Both Rails. $200

New Hammerhead Installation

Keytop Replacement