As pianos age, one of the things that often needs to be replaced is piano keytops. Replacing old keytops with the new molded plastic tops will make your old keyboard look brand new. I mainly use and three different types of keytops: Kluge "Ivoplast."  Tharan, and standard German made pre-moulded keytops with or without attached fronts. 




- Kluge "Ivopast" is a standard plastic material found on Kluge keyboards in most American and German made pianos. A very flat material; when polished out, it gives a very nice finish. These are usually found on Steinways, Bechsteins, Bosendorfers, and other high end pianos.

- Tharan is made of mineral plastic for Kluge, this material has a matt finish and looks like bone or ivory. This excellent ivory substitute has the feel of ivory without the “slip and grip” phenomenon found in many plastics. Tharan material is found on Kluge keyboards in concert grands of European manufacture.

NOTE: "Ivoplast and Tharan keytops are not pre-molded and require more attention and time while shaping, notching, and hand filing each key." 

- Standard (German Style) white keytops are pre-moulded acrylic with or without fronts. These are the most popular as they generally fit most keys.  

- For Yamaha pianos I use exclusively Yamaha keytops/fronts.





The base cost for keytops installation is shown below. Note: "The costs include labor and parts, however, it does not include sales tax."


Standard German Style Keytops       $475

Yamaha Keytops                                $500

Kluge"Ivoplast" Keytops                    $650

Tharan Keytops                                  $750

Sharp replacement and/or refinishing - Call for pricing




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