"It takes amazing physical, intellectual, and emotional brilliance to play such a complex instrument in such a captivating way. But it's not just the musician who makes the music sound so fantastic: the instrument plays a huge part too. We can make your piano perform at its full potential so you can experience and enjoy the true sound of you piano." ​


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Tuning & Regulation

Repairs & Rebuilding

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Moving & Storage


Fender Rhodes Amp Repairs

Services For Piano Technicians

Custom Hammer Bore


Keytop Replacement

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We exclusively use RennerUSA products.


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We use all Bolduc products for our rebuilding projects.

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The cost for piano tuning is $120 (plus tax). However, a piano may need a bit more than just tuning the strings. Seasonal services are recommended to keep your instrument...
Piano Tuning & Service
1 hr 30 min
Prices Vary

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